Canora Weaving & Tarp Manufacturing

Custom Recreational Covers and Repairs

We can make or repair a custom cover for just abut anything. From custom covers for cars, boats and other toys, to basic storage and travel covers we can make them all. We do standard sizes and custom fit applications. Serving Saskatchewan and beyond for over 30 years. Just because it's not on the website, does not mean it cant be done. Contact us today to discuss your project. (306)563-4443

Boat Covers

We can supply or repair a custom fit polyester or PVC cover for your boat.. Whether its a storage or travel cover, we can make it for you inside our indoor facility. Extra reinforcements are added at the points that are prone to extra abuse an wear. !

PWC Covers

Looking to protect you jet skis when they are on shore. We can custom make covers for travel, storage and more. From heavy duty PVC covers, to marine grade polyester. Let us know what you need and we can get you covered.

RV Covers

We can custom make or repair a storage and wheel covers for your RV, Trailer or Motorhome. Protecting the roof from snow and ice damage if stored outside for winter can prevent costly repairs in the future. 

Quad Covers

We can custom make a cover for your quad to protect it while in storage or from the elements. If you keep it outdoors, a custom PVC cover will help add years of enjoyment and help maintain its value. Contact us today and let us get you covered.

Side by Side Covers

Keep your side by side looking new after it is stored or stay warm in the winter. Covers help prevent damage to your investment while it is not in use or stored outside. Our covers can prevent damage from the elements and prevents bangs and scrapes in a busy garage. Let us get you covered!

Motorcycle Covers

We can make a cover to fit your bike while in storage for the winter season. From light duty poly, to a heavy duty cover. The choice is yours. Protect your investment for as fraction of the cost any potential damage. Contact us today!